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Road Rage Experience Leads to Examination of Society

by Aimee L. Baror on

I had a road rage experience a few weeks ago that’s had me pondering how people become so angry and who is raising them to be so hostile, entitled, and disrespectful.... Read full article

Road Rage Video Shows Driver Crushing Veteran’s Motorcycle With His Car

by Nina Golgowski on

“I thought the guy was trying to kill us, obviously,” the injured biker said.... Read full article

Thoughts Everyone Has While Driving

by Abby Heugel on

Most adults have some experience with driving a motorized vehicle, and whether you’re a road rager or a calm commuter, you’ve probably had a few of the same thoughts while navigating the roads.... Read full article

Grandparents, grandson shot at in road rage incident

by on

CANTON, Ga. - The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office is looking for the person who opened fire on a car during a road rage incident.... Read full article

Girl, 4, Killed During Apparent Road Rage Attack

by David Lohr on

“The best thing for you to do is to turn yourself in,” top cop tells shooter.... Read full article

Road rage on 85 south Atlanta

by on

Action starts after 1:15. I left the beginning to show nothing happened prior to this guy freaking out.... Read full article

The Most Unexpected Russian Road Rage Twist Involves Spongebob (VIDEO)

by Sebastian Murdock on

Russia is not a forgiving place. Even cuddly cartoons will beat the crap out of you.... Read full article

Possible road rage incident leads to deadly shooting

by on

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Police are hoping surveillance cameras captured a possible road rage incident that left a man dead in the middle of a Gwinnett County road.... Read full article

‘Road Rage Lady’ Arrested In Hawaii After Video Goes Viral (Explicit Language)

by Carla Herreria on

Kimberly Ong, 45, turned herself in to police on Friday after a video of her road rage went viral, according to Hawaii News Now.... Read full article

Road Rage Cure: Hyundai envisions a car that senses and cures your road rage

by Anita Balakrishnan on

Hyundai Tucson crash test Challenging year for Korean automakers: Analyst Monday, 2 Jan 2017 | 10:16 PM ET | 01:52 Horsepower and fuel efficiency are still top of mind for carmakers, but now so is something else: your mood.... Read full article