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10 Reasons To Date a Woman Who Rides

by Heather McCoy on

It is a scientific fact that all a girl really needs for any given vacation fits easily into a tank-bag: toothbrush, bikini, a little black dress, heels, sunscreen, lip-gloss, mascara, and a tire pressure gauge.... Read full article

Texting While Driving Permitted!?!! Where?

by Dylan Baddour on

Why Houston and Texas allow texting while driving... Really?... Read full article

Dealerships Latest Option For Drivers: Auto Subscriptions

by David Kaplan on

A joint venture from Cox Automotive and Holman Enterprises are promoting a shared mobility as an alternative to buying or leasing a car with the creation of Flexdrive.... Read full article

The Life of a New-Car Dealer

by Aaron Robinson on

Auto retail is an unnervingly cash-intensive business.... Read full article

Police Chase 100+ mph. Mom had 2 kids in vehicle

by Denise Dillon on

Police Chase 100+ mph. Mom had 2 kids in vehicle... Read full article

30 Awesome Car Hacks You’ll Love

by on

Rubberband Cell Phone Holder, Use Toothpaste To Clean Headlights, Use A Plunger To Pull Out Dents, and more.... Read full article

Uber’s On-Demand Food Delivery App Is Finally Available In Its Fastest Growing Market

by Pranav Dixit on

UberEATS, Uber’s on-demand food delivery app, is now available in the Indian city of Mumbai — but faces stiff competition from local food delivery startups.... Read full article

Woman rams squad car while taking topless selfie

by BRYAN, Texas - The Associated Press on

Police say a 19-year-old Texas A&M University student who rear-ended a squad car told an officer she was taking a topless selfie.... Read full article

Jay Leno Helped Kendall Jenner Buy This Immaculate ‘56 Corvette

by Sean Evans on

10 surprising facts from the production of last night’s Jay Leno’s Garage.... Read full article

Girl Who Survived Texting And Driving Once Runs Out Of Luck 2nd Time Around

by Charles Roberts on

This girl was involved in a horrible crash after texting and driving. Miraculously she survived -- and she didn't kill anyone. Guess what happened exactly one year later.... Read full article