360AutoMarket.com is a full-featured automotive community. 

It's simple. Read an article. Find a local event. List your business or find one. Sell your auto inventory or buy a car. Post a job or find one. Events section features car shows, fundraisers, bike rides, local races, etc.

Technology meets Brick & Mortar Business

Google Hangouts, Skype, and Facebook LIVE have created platforms for instant broadcasting, instant viewing. The following question was posed. 

Q: How can our community benefit local drivers AND the automotive business even more?

A: Talk Show feature was added. Content developers found that a show about one's full driving experience is more appealing than a show about changing a flat tire or a strange noise under the hood.

About the Talk Show

Comedy is a great way to blend local drivers' experience with those local businesses that serve them.


All you need is a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone to get on stage!

Social media wave? Probably not. However, 360AutoMarket.com is a full-featured automotive community. It is complete with business listings, local events, articles, and a classified section. My skillset includes over three decades of advertising, marketing and sales. Much of this time was spent in the automotive industry. 


360AutoMarket.com blends forward-thinking technology with those traditional brick and mortar businesses. I wanted to produce a STABLE business model, one that won't be here today and gone tomorrow. Traditionally, stable businesses are ones with employees, lease or ownership obligations, tax payers, consistent internet presence, and responsive to their customer needs. 

Unlike Yelp, Kudzu, YP, Google where you can only list your business, at 360AutoMarket.com can also sell their entire inventory!

Casual users can find accident recovery help all in one place or locate the nearest carwash before the head off to a local car show.

So, how do I overcome the internet clutter of ads, maps, and SEO?


Currently, there are more than 14,000 automotive-related business available to claim and this is just in the Metro Atlanta area. This is plenty of supply. 

So, what's the best way to give demand to this huge supply? AnswerEntertainment with a purpose. Thus, and interactive 2-way LIVE talk show.


Curiosity will get the initial audiences and socially-interactive entertainment will bring them back for more.

1) Shows are viewable without a login - just like watching TV.

2) Participants can join a show after a Facebook or Google login.

3) NO apps to download for participation.


I bought a domain called drivingwithidiots.com and redirected it to my videos page. My talkshow called DrivingWithIdiots.com features conversation about car accidents, bad drivers, distracted drivers, road rage, and more. It's about what happens when you hit a pothole while drinking coffee, and the legality of when it's ok to make left turn on a red light. It's about fender-benders, where to get that dent pulled out, and was the person cute that just rear-ended you.

The Show covers what's not-so-funny about driving under the influence, where to find an accident attorney, and where (yes, there are cities for this) it's LEGAL TO TEXT AN DRIVE. Show humorously reveals DMV rules of the road and what would really happen to all cars in a solar flare-prompted zombie apocalypse. 

Really... why do people drive slow in the fast (passing) lane? 

What's more, conversation can be about religion, politics, relationships, business ideas, and more. These conversations already happen in cars.

PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS (user generated content)

"Welcome to drivingwithidiots.com. Where are you going today?" Is the phrase my hosts greet each guest.

LIVE 2-WAY Video (low-latency) affords 1) Carpool Karaoke Promo Challenges, 2) ROAD RAGE RANTS live and recorded, volunteer traffic reporters, live business interviews, and TAILGATING Trivia Games and personal stories.

We may even hitch a ride with a local Uber driver (like me!) or prank someone in a drive-thru!

Ever wanted to have your own talk show? Now, you can. 

Not lastly, up to 12 industries are triggered by a single car accident. These are the brick and mortar businesses that would love to advertise to my community.


Make it social. Make it fun. Make it interactive. Make it LIVE.

You create the subject and invite everyone!!

Everyone wants to be significant and relevant.

Promote your product or others' product and get paid.