2016 Fiat 500X Review

Fiat is a brand that sells primarily on style, and they’ve done their best to infuse the 500X with the charms of its baby sibling, the 500. There’s a clear family resemblance around the headlights and taillights, and the 500X’s paint palette is filled with eye-catching hues (though the most vivid ones come at extra cost—a thousand bucks extra, if you can believe that). Trekking models get “bull-bar” style bumpers to give them more of an SUV-like look. But while the details may be unique to Fiat, the shape is generic, and at a distance it’s easy to mistake the 500X for a Kia Sportage or any one of a number of small SUVs.

That said, there’s a reason so many small SUVs look alike: It takes a certain shape to provide the utility buyers want. And the 500X does deliver on utility, with an 18.5 cubic foot cargo bay that dips well below bumper level. (There’s a removable false floor that provides a surface level with the bumper and the fold-down seatbacks.) The back seat itself is decently sized; headroom is good but knee-room can get very tight if the front-seaters slide their seats too far back. But the back seat’s misshapen seat-bottom cushion is a real turn-off: There’s a ridge that protrudes at the aft end of the cushion, and we found sitting in the 500X’s back seat to be, quite literally, a pain in the butt.

A Unique and Quirky Interior           

The 500X does get points for its interior styling: The dashboard is a pop-art version of the one used on the 500, with the same simple control layout we’ve come to expect from Fiat. Pop, Easy and Lounge trim levels get a body-color dash—another favorite element from the 500—while the Trekking models get a gray dash. Read more...

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14 Feb 2017

By Aaron Gold