2016 Infiniti QX50

When we say minimal changes, we’re referring to what typically takes place in a mid-cycle refresh. In the case of the 2016 QX50, this includes exterior styling cues, a rejigged wheelbase, interior updates and some previous options migrating into the standard base package.

That first category gets the most work. The 2016 QX50 inherits the distinctive front grille that faces the Q50 sports sedan, and the front and rear lights get a restyle, with updates that include new LED daytime running lights and new side mirrors with integrated turn signals. The front and rear bumpers also are tweaked to bring them into aesthetic harmony with the grille and light fixture changes.

The silhouette of the new QX50 also looks different, thanks mostly to a wheelbase that has been stretched by some 80 millimetres. This coincides with a longer overall vehicle length that has grown by 113 millimetres. Also new are optional 19-inch aluminum wheels.

Inside, the new pickings are slim, with a redesigned shifter and enhanced stitching on the standard leather seating. That’s about it; this might seem a lazy way out for the cabin designers, but according to Infiniti, owner feedback from 2015 models indicated high satisfaction with most everything about the interior. Read more...

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10 Feb 2017

By Andrew McCredie