2016 Infiniti QX60 Review

And yet the engineers at Infiniti responsible for the redesign of the QX60 focused on making this crossover not only more engaging, but also more predictable and confident.

Three main changes were made to make sure drivers would not only be rewarded but also feel in control behind the wheel. New shocks and springs were added, new all-season tires were chosen to increase grip, and the QX60’s power steering was adjusted to enhance feedback.

The result? Well, as much as Infiniti tried, this is still a big lug of a crossover, weighing in at 4,379 pounds. It will never be a corner carver, but the revisions are actually noticeable. The QX60 has a new planted feeling that, as the company had hoped, does lend itself to a confident drive. The body roll is still noticeable in corners, but the tighter steeringrack does allow the driver to have stricter control of the QX60, while feedback though to your hands is decent.

Luxury or Sport?

Balance is key for a luxury SUV such as this, and the QX60 delivers. Engineers didn’t give up ride comfort in search of this new sporty feeling, and that is what luxury is all about. Some of this new-found stability can be chalked up to Infiniti’s Active Trace Control, a system that smooths out the engine’s power delivery and applies the brakes in a specific pattern while cornering. Read more...

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06 Feb 2017

By Stephen Elmer