Let’s be honest for a minute and collectively acknowledge that sports car ownership has traditionally been a miserable experience. We’ve all drifted off into fantasies of performance cars as we pored over magazine spreads or pinned posters of our favorites to the wall, but those who managed to make those dreams reality know that they came with certain caveats.

We don’t even need to experience this first hand, because the supercars of today struggle with the same inherent challenges as ordinary vehicles: space, comfort, reliability, utility. You know this, and I know this. That’s why “the supercar you can drive daily” is a term used prodigiously to further justify something that otherwise meets no practical needs.

Italian sports car maker Lamborghini was, for the longest time, the most egregious offender of practicality. With cars like the Countach, Murciélago, and Diablo, the pendulum swung far towards crazy — leaving livability far in the distance.

With the Gallardo, the automaker struck gold, offering Lambo customers a car they could actually use, along with the sports car experience. Selling hand over fist since its introduction in 2003, the Gallardo was the most successful Lamborghini in history, leaving its follow-up, 2014’s Huracán, with some mighty shoes to fill. Read more...

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13 Feb 2017