2016 Land Rover Range Rover Td6 Diesel

WHAT WE LIKE: Like so many rail cars hitched to a locomotive, our Range Rover’s logbook contains a long chain of associations made between the SUV and a train. Staffers continue to be impressed by the Rover’s straight-ahead stability and willingness to draw itself toward the horizon, the diesel engine chugging along silently while being relatively miserly with fuel. Our recorded fuel economy hasn’t changed since our last report and remains an impressive (at least for something this big and heavy) 26 mpg, which, combined with the 23.5-gallon fuel tank, is good for more than 600 miles of range per fill-up.

WHAT WE DON’T LIKE: The Land Rover may be trainlike when traveling in a straight line, but it goes catawampus when dealing with any steering inputs. The softly tuned suspension, complete with air springs, fails to keep the Rover’s tall body in check during aggressive lane changes, or when coming to a hard stop or accelerating with any verve. As deputy editor Daniel Pund remarked, the SUV is “such a floppy tater.” Other comments have doubled down on this line of criticisms, noting extreme dive under braking and almost nautical levels of squat when the go pedal is floored.

That rightmost pedal continues to draw flak for its languid response to driver inputs, which gives the sensation that the torquey diesel V-6 engine is incapable of waking up unless you really give it the boot. Also, the fuel-saving auto stop/start function has drawn ire for its lack of smoothness during engine cranking.


Getting into the really nitty-gritty stuff, the parking sensors and attendant beeping alert calling attention to the Rover’s proximity to other vehicles can annoyingly go off in stop-and-go traffic, even when no collision is imminent. And one editor wondered about the $1850 Meridian sound system’s lack of loudness when listened to from outside of the Rover while tailgating. There is no word on whether he was tailgating at the East Coast Open polo match or the Harvard–Yale Regatta. Read more...

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30 Dec 2016