2016 Nissan Almera 1.5 VL

As cars continue to grow in dimensions, it is perhaps safe to say that the C-Segment cars of the 90's are the B-Segment sedans of today. That also means that the modern small sedan has big shoes to fill as these cars have to offer big car features in a smaller, more affordable package — a tall order.

Nissan was rather late to the B-Segment party when they introduced the Almera in the Philippines three years ago. Among its USPs were loads of rear legroom and a big trunk. Since then, it has been one of the bread and butter models for the brand. Nissan has since updated the Almera to combat the wave of new or redesigned competitors.

The most noticeable changes made to the exterior are large headlights, new wheels and — for the higher spec models — a trunk lip spoiler. The redesign drew mixed reactions in the office, but personally, I'm okay with it. If anything, it makes it stand out from its contemporaries with its blobby headlights — a nice break from the usual slim wraparound units.

From the side, the bubble shape of the roof promises a lot of room while the large window brings in a lot of light in the cabin. In an effort to give the sides more flair, it has a defined shoulder line that connects the headlights to the tail lights. Speaking of tail lights, it gets a similar treatment as the headlights being large and upright. Also, the bumper is new for this redesign. I could do without the trunk lip spoiler though. Read more...

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05 Jan 2017

By Anton Andres