2016 Subaru Levorg 2.0GT review

Levorg. Odd name, isn’t it? Ask Subaru, and it comes from the conglomeration of LEgacy (the Japanese market name for ‘our’ Liberty), ReVOlution, and TouRinG. Ask any Subaru enthusiast, though, and the 2016 Subaru Levorg is the first Pleiades-stamped car since the fourth-generation Liberty GT Wagon and second-generation GG Impreza WRX Hatch to combine genuine performance potential with boosted practicality.

Problem is, to make a decent dent in the sales charts, the 2016 Subaru Levorg needs to appeal to more than just a handful of niche enthusiasts.

With this in mind, Subaru Australia opted to offer Australian buyers the choice of three variants from launch. There’s the entry-level 2.0GT ($42,990 before on-road costs), a step higher 2.0GT-S ($48,890 before on-road costs), and a tricked-up 2.0GT-S Spec B ($52,890 before on-road costs).

James Ward was lucky enough to review the STI-laden Spec B back in August, but here we have the other end of the scale, the base 2.0GT.

At 4690mm long and 1780mm wide, the Subaru Levorg is 225mm longer and 85mm wider than a 2007-era Impreza WRX Hatch. Confirming its place between its two forebears, that also makes it 30mm shorter and 50mm wider than ‘Subey’ fan favourite, the 2007-spec fourth-generation-based Liberty GT Tuned by STI. Side note; how good was 2007? Read more...

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06 Jan 2017

By David Zalstein