2017 BMW 5 Series is even more awesome

SINTRA, PORTUGAL:  Replacing a failure in any business is easy — toss everything out and start over.

Replacing a success is considerably trickier.

Your customers obviously liked what you were doing. But stand still and your competition will trample you.

That was the challenge facing BMW when it came time to replace the 5 Series sedan, which has been a stalwart of its lineup since 1972.

This also makes it the company’s longest-serving model designation.

BMW 5 Series, Portugal BMW 540i The new BMW 5 Series is up to 100 kilograms lighter than before, thanks to increased use of lightweight materials.

The seventh-generation 2017 model line goes on sale in spring next year. Pricing has not been announced, but it surely won’t be too far off the current range, which starts at $60,500.

BMW calls the 5 Series a ‘business sedan,’ which apparently it is in Europe. Big enough to be comfortable for those long-distance runs, but not so big as to be ostentatious. Read more...

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08 Jan 2017

By Jim Kenzie