2017 Fiat Punto

Spring is pretty much knocking on our door, but we’re not quite out of the cold season yet. So, some manufacturers are still taking advantage of the cold and performing cold weather testing on their future models. It’s the same story we get every year about this time, but today I’m here to talk about the next Fiat Punto. That’s right, after more than ten years, our spy photographers have caught what we believe to be the next Fiat Punto playing in the Swedish snow.

This new Punto is expected to hit the market in 2017, so it’s still a bit early in the testing phase. Early enough, in fact, that the new Punto is wearing so much camo and padding that we can’t really make out any of the underlying design cues. As far as we know, this prototype is code named X6H, and it’s being developed mainly for the South American market.

Even though we can’t make out much under that camo, and information is rather scant at the moment, we can still speculate on what the new Punto brings to the table. It should certainly be interesting, given the long tour of duty the current Punto has endured. Something fresh is certainly overdue, so let’s take a look at these new spy shots and talk a little bit about X6H. Read more...

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19 Feb 2017

By Robert Moore