2017 Smart Fortwo Cabrio Review

When they invite automotive journalists to drive and evaluate new cars, they agonize over every single detail of the program, from the city the event is held in, to the color of the USB sticks handed out, to the thread-count of the sheets in the hotel, to the kinds of food served at whatever hand-picked world-renowned restaurants they eat at.

Naturally, this obsessive-compulsive specificity extends to the pavement we drive on. Automakers strive to select just the right roads — serpentine mountain highways in the south of Spain that demonstrate the athleticism of a high-dollar exotic, rock-strewn two-tracks in the Argentinian highlands that prove the capability of a four-by-four, and even Germany’s hallowed Autobahn for sports cars with a penchant for triple-digit speeds.

Appropriately, event planners at Mercedes-Benz chose the hipster hustle of heavily urban Brooklyn to showcase its new Smart Fortwo Cabrio, arguably the perfect locale for this sun-loving runabout.

Let There Be Light!

Our tour of this fashionable New York neighborhood started on an unexpectedly sunny morning. Despite the relatively early hour, it was quite warm, perfect for lowering this petite machine’s fabric lid. A push-button affair that takes just 12 seconds, you can retract it at any speed between zero and terminal velocity, which is a heady 94 miles an hour. Read more...

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12 Feb 2017

By Craig Cole