2018 Honda Accord: First Drive

So much for the so-called “entry luxury” sedan market. All those lightly-gingerbreaded four-doors selling in the forty-to-fifty-thousand-dollar range, with their oh-so-ambitious advertising and their mild dustings of gee-whiz tech and their touching little pretensions to upscale credibility, are now just as dead as Julius Caesar or Napoleon or Charles Manson courtesy of the new Accord Touring.

It was inevitable that this would happen. The past decade has seen a sharp decline in the specialness, for lack of a better word, available in that segment. Relentlessly pressured by technological advances in mass-market sedans even as European emissions-consciousness and fuel-economy concerns have seen their bespoke drivetrains ditched in favor of clattering direct-injection turbo four-bangers, the class that was once defined by the BMW 3-Series on the sporty side and the Lexus ES on the posh end now finds itself rendered completely irrelevant by Honda’s decision to fit the tenth generation of its big sedan with pretty much every piece of equipment you’d expect on a $55,000 loaded-for-lease-residuals kinda-sorta luxury car. Read more about the 2018 Honda Accord...

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08 Mar 2018