2018 Lincoln Navigator

The idea adopts the new Lincoln emblem mesh grille that is on the MKZ and the new Continental approaching this fall. It is the new face of Lincoln, exchanging the split-wing grille that was briefly the facial skin of the brand. Because the SUV is so huge–it’s the greatest vehicle in the Lincoln lineup–Woodhouse added a second string of lights in the massive headlamps, therefore the signature lines are actually in pairs. It is a design aspect that will be reserved for large vehicles, Woodhouse said. The rims have a radial turbine-inspired motif.


In the wonderful world of modern design it’s very difficult to look at a fresh car, do not start to see the commonalities with another car, already familiar to you, so just the known reality some components of the concept car suggests to us on the number Rover. In the final end, there are usually more important things which you should focus your attention.

Lincoln Navigator Concept is unique-in-class machine, with huge doorways “gull-wing”, growing up, and three-way staircases on both factors, with huge exterior sizes of the physical body and interior, capable of a high quality service to place second individuals in individual car seats, with huge suitcases compartment.


The engine continues to be the 3.5-liter, twin-turbocharged, direct-injection V-6, but designers coaxed more horsepower from it, from 380 horsepower to more than 400 horsepower now, said Kumar Galhotra, head of Lincoln. Read more...

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10 Feb 2017

By Usauto