2018 Volvo XC60: First Drive

Last year, the first-generation XC60 pulled a miracle by scoring a sales record in its ninth year on the market. That was partly thanks to its popularity in China, but this mid-sized SUV is America's favorite Volvo as well. And since US customers look at Volvos as safe family cars first and foremost, the Swedish carmaker certainly expects to see XC60s pop up near the nation's schools even more often than XC90s, once deliveries of the smaller SUV start later this year. Frankly, after driving the car with the 316 horsepower twin-charged powertrain (T6), I don't see a flaw in their plan.

The XC60 looks sharp, and that's mostly because it has elegant proportions. That comes down to clever packaging. It's being built on the same SPA platform as the XC90, but having the fixed dash-to-axle length with a shorter wheelbase grants it a longer hood with minimal overhangs. The roof is lower, the seating position is more car-like than in an XC90, so the cabin feels tighter and, therefore, sportier in your head. Volvo was careful not to use the word "smaller" in any case, but frankly, the XC60 is a five-seater, not a luxury people hauler for seven. Read more about the 2018 Volvo XC60...

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19 Mar 2018