2019 Honda Insight revealed, promises 50 MPG or better

Even as fuel prices are still low compared to their peaks of the last decade, automakers are ramping up production of electrified models to meet tough new fuel economy and emisisons standards, and Honda is not to be left out.

The Japanese automaker on Monday revealed a handsome redesign for the Insight, whose formal debut takes place Wednesday at the 2018 New York auto show. A thinly veiled prototype was shown in January during the 2018 Detroit auto show.

The new Insight, which reaches showrooms in the summer as a 2019 model, represents the third iteration of Honda's hybrid nameplate. It also represents the third body style for the car. The original Insight of the early 2000s was a 3-door hatch. The car morphed into a Prius-like 5-door hatch for its second generation. It’s now taken on a somewhat stylish sedan form. Read more about the 2019 Honda...

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