2019 Jeep Cherokee V-6 AWD

2019 Jeep Cherokee V-6 AWD. When Jeep resurrected the Cherokee name for 2014, it did so with a compact crossover with a surfeit of front-end lighting. Of the trio of lamps per side, it wasn’t immediately clear which was the headlight, which was a fog light, and which was there just because. Whatever your feelings on the arachnid-like face, it was distinctive.

The refreshed 2019 Cherokee is less so. Every Cherokee has lost its belighted front styling, so you’ll no longer be confused by which light does what. There are now two prominent, obvious headlights that flank Jeep’s signature seven-slat grille. Beneath those are smaller fog lights. Simple. In back, the Cherokee’s taillights feature new internals, and the license-plate nacelle has moved from the lower bumper to the center of the liftgate.

Having swung the Cherokee’s aesthetic pendulum from overly interesting to somewhat boring, Jeep’s stylists—it could be said—brought the SUV’s outward appearance in line with its indistinct personality. Excepting the off-road-oriented Trailhawk trim level, whose capability is peerless in this class, the Cherokee remains a merely average crossover. Read more about the 2019 Jeep Cherokee V-6 AWD...

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02 Dec 2018