2019 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ: This one goes to 11

When does 100 mph not feel fast? The moment you reach 175 mph at the end of the Estoril straight, that’s when. And when you do it again. And again…

Calling the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ fast is like calling a tornado windy. It is the most densely packed form of excitement on the planet, a V12-powered Carnival in Rio, an exclamation point on wheels. And that intensity starts long before getting inside and hitting the gas.

Lamborghini head designer Mitja Borkert (pronounced: meet ya) likens the SVJ to piloting a fighter jet and then goes on to point out design elements plucked straight from a plane. A fin on the end of the front splitter looks just like the tail of an F-16. Generally speaking, they call it the Y-shape and place that design element all over the car, inside and out, even in the taillights. Read more...

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10 Oct 2018

By Robin Warner