2019 Lincoln Aviator Preview

Aviator, we hardly knew ye. That was the name for a seldom seen, seldom sold thinly disguised Ford Explorer that Lincoln offered back in 2003, then discontinued a mere two years later. Lincoln is hoping for more luck with the introduction of this new Aviator, which is more than a concept vehicle but just short of a production vehicle. 

This time, though, they have more than crossed fingers on their side; this time, the Aviator seems like a boldly styled, performance-minded, legit entrant into the luxury crossover realm. 

Exterior Features:

Styling alone should ensure the success of the Aviator. Unlike previous Lincolns, which merely slapped a different front fascia to existing Fords, the current Lincolns are much more expressive. The Aviator looks stately and distinctive, and all the lines follow through to the rear, making a harmonious design while retaining a beefy, boxy silhouette. Read more about the 2019 Lincoln...

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09 May 2018