2019 MAZDA CX-3

When Mazda introduced the CX-3 for the 2016 model year, it was received quite well on the market thanks to its striking design, attractive interior, and fairly powerful drivetrain. There were a few gripes to be had, though, and that’s why Mazda decided to usher in a mild update just three years into its lifecycle. These updates include new exterior lights, redesigned wheels, updated center console, a new electronic emergency brake, and even new armrests. Mazdaeven tweaked the CX-3’s SkyActiv engine to squeeze out just a little more power. We’re not sure if the CX-3 will get an official mid-cycle update in the next year or two as previously prescribed but if it doesn’t the update for 2019 should be enough to keep it standing tall until the next-gen model comes into play. Read more about the 2019 MAZDA CX-3...

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09 May 2018

By Robert Moore,