2019 Volvo S60 Review: The Best-Driving Volvo Yet

Volvo has spent lots of money and four years rebuilding its lineup. And despite being lauded for its cars’ undeniable style, remarkable quality, and sumptuous luxury, Volvo’s focus was clearly not on driving dynamics. And why should it have been?

But for the final vehicle in Volvo’s updated fleet (S60 Cross Country notwithstanding) Volvo actually has to make some concessions to pace. The segment, long-dominated by the 3 Series (in the public imagination, at least), is still beholden to that oldest of old-school metrics, the lap time. It’s a reality reflected in the segment’s now anachronistic adherence to rear-wheel drive and the former S60’s role as Polestar (now Cyan) race car. And there’s good news for the Volvo faithful because the S60 is the best-driving car in Volvo’s new lineup. Read more...

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13 Oct 2018

By Sebastien Bell