3 Lessons Off-Road Racing Taught Me About My Business

Entrepreneurs need an outlet outside of the office to clear their minds and recharge. My outlet of choice is racing high-powered, tough-as-nails vehicles called trophy trucks.

Every year I compete in the Baja 1000, a thousand-mile, off-road race through Mexico's most unforgiving desert terrain, where just finishing the race is a victory. Even with a customized truck designed specifically for the anticipated obstacles, the brutality of the trail is physically and mentally tiring. Finishing the race requires me to tap into the same inner drive that kept me going as a young entrepreneur.

When I make decisions as to whether to invest in the promises of a new entrepreneur, I look for this drive as it’s one of the best indicators that the entrepreneur has what it takes. It’s what led me to transform a college side project into a billion-dollar smart home company with 9,000 employees and more than one million customers. Entrepreneurs are essentially at the starting line of a race every day, and I’d like to share some insights that can help you pull ahead of the pack. Read more about the 3 Lessons Off-Road Racing...

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11 Mar 2018

By Todd Pedersen