A self-driving Uber got into an accident in Arizona and flipped onto its side

(A photo posted on Fresco News' Twitter feed showed a self-driving Uber Volvo SUV on its side.Fresco News/Mark Beach) 

A self-driving Uber car was involved in an accident on Friday night in Tempe, Arizona, in one of the most serious incidents to date involving the growing fleet of autonomous vehicles being tested on US roads and prompting Uber to suspend autonomous car testing in the state.

A photo posted on Fresco News' Twitter feed showed a self-driving Uber Volvo SUV on its side.

Another car, in the background, is pictured with dents and smashed windows. Nobody was seriously injured in the incident.

The Uber SUV was operating in autonomous mode when the accident occurred, Uber confirmed to Business Insider. Uber has halted its self-driving-car pilot in Arizona and is investigating what caused the incident.

"We are continuing to look into this incident and can confirm we had no backseat passengers in the vehicle," an Uber representative said in an email to Business Insider.

A Tempe police spokesperson told Bloomberg that the Uber was not at fault in the accident and was hit by another car which failed to yield. Read all...

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31 Mar 2017

By Danielle Muoio