A true story about RV’ing and RV Insurance…

Well, at least I have developed a healthy respect for them! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Alan Sills, I am a full time RV’er and have been since December 2011. At the age of 53, I was a bit young to “hit the road” full time, but I run my business from the keyboard of my laptop, so, thanks to reliable Internet access – available virtually everywhere, I am able to support my traveling lifestyle from wherever I happen to find myself!

AND… I want you to know, I have had my rv insurance with ExplorerRV since nearly the beginning. As it turned out… that was a DARN good decision – read on…

Always one to be a comparison shopper, I shopped several RV insurance companies before choosing Explorer RV. My primary motivation for choosing Explorer RV? Let’s be honest… it was the price! And yes, Explorer RV is quite competitive.

It was more than that though – from the get-go, Explorer RV clearly demonstrated that they knew their business – isn’t THAT refreshing?!

Conveniently, they were licensed in the state in which I was establishing a residence (South Dakota) and they recommended the right options for both my new truck (2011 Ford F-250) and my “5er” (2011 Crossroads Seville). Incidentally, if you are a full timer, or are thinking of becoming a full timer, there are companies that cater to travelers – they act as a mail drop, help you with registering your vehicles and much more. The one I selected is Americas Mailbox, they are reliable, professional and consistent. They helped me with registering my vehicles and even with paying sales tax on them (as I purchased in Florida, but paid tax in So. Dakota). If you opt to enroll with them, please do tell them “Alan Sills, Box #3847” referred you; hey it gets me a dinner certificate or something!

Ok, back to my RV Insurance story… Knowing I was going to travel full-time, it was important to me to have enough coverage, and as my first year on the road has demonstrated, those choices early on were very important when “incidents” occurred during the course of my travels. Read on...

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27 Jan 2017

By Alan Sills