Are intensive driving lessons a good thing?

But whether you’re the youngster itching to get out on the road or an older relative perhaps with responsibility for helping the teen to get his or her licence, you need to decide whether to learn slowly and steadily or intensively, over the course of a few short days.

The world spinning the way it does these days, many people are eschewing the traditional two-or-three-lessons-a-week-over-the-course-of-several-months route in favour of week-long intensive driving courses (or ‘crash courses’, as they are amusingly termed) to save time – and also money.

A UK learner will average 47 hours of instructor-led driving lessons and 20 hours of private practise before taking their test. With the average cost of lessons being £22 a pop, learners can now expect to pay in excess of £1,000 before even booking their £62 practical exam. Read more about the 

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28 May 2018

By Kevin Pratt