Are Motorcycle Police Drones Coming?

According to a CNN report, conceptual designer Charles Bombardier imagines a future with riderless police motorcycles chasing after us.

“One single policeman could supervise five Interceptor units, which would monitor cities 24/7 while issuing tickets to any offenders via mobile apps," he explained. "The design for these futuristic police drones already exists, and could soon become a reality.”

Bombardier's company, Imaginactive, “is a nonprofit organization that inspires the next generation to dream up the vehicles of tomorrow.”

"It's only the natural evolution of technology," the Canadian mechanical engineer told CNN. "Traffic cameras have been around for years. But with the advancement of pilotless technology we now have new solutions to the basic needs in our public works systems, including in the area of public safety.” Read full article...

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28 Jan 2017

By Papa Wealey