Buying Used: 2013-16 Mazda CX-5

You gotta hand it to Mazda.

Irrepressibly inventive, Mazda licensed the Wankel rotary engine from German automaker NSU and toiled to improve the tiny powerplant’s longevity and emissions. It designed the Cosmo sports car around the rev-happy engine, creating one of the world’s most technologically fascinating cars in 1967.

Mazda brought its rotary-powered cars to North America in 1970, but the wee engines were gas guzzlers – an inconvenient truth that nearly sank the nascent brand during the 1973 oil crisis. Ford helped the floundering automaker by buying a stake in it.

Mazda returned to making fuel-efficient piston engines and putting them in nicely designed compact cars and trucks. Then Mazda built a facsimile of the 1962 Lotus Elan roadster – except that it started reliably and didn’t hemorrhage fluids. The 1990 Miata became the world’s bestselling roadster. Read more...

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08 Jan 2017

By Mark Toljagic