Car Design Was Once Quirky, Idiosyncratic and Stylish. So, What Happened?

Style may not be dead in modern motoring, but it’s certainly endangered. And I’m not talking about “styling” here. Car
designers will grimace if you refer to them as “stylists.” For them, styling is the superficial visual flourish applied to a car once the hard work of intelligent product design has been done. While there’s certainly a lot of styling about— some of it great, and some of it less so— that’s not where I’m going here.

Instead, I’m thinking of style as a reflection of the taste and lifestyle of the driver: the same style you see reflected in the way his suit is cut or her home is designed. Unlike beauty in car design, which is more immediately apparent, real style needs context. You need to understand something about the driver: Who they are, how they drive, and perhaps why they’ve chosen something idiosyncratic or willfully different. Read more about the Car Design Was Once Quirky, Idiosyncratic and Stylish...

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07 Sep 2019