Chevrolet's 2019 Medium-Duty Truck Trio

Chevrolet is coming back to the medium-duty market in a big way. Not only has the automaker launched the 2019-model-year Chevrolet Silverado 4500HD and 5500HD, but it didn't stop there. Hiding in the wings was another truck — the all-new, Class 6 Silverado 6500HD.

"We see a great opportunity for us with this truck. In the six years I've been with General Motors Fleet, this is the single biggest launch we've had happen in our space," said Ed Peper, U.S. vice president of GM Fleet. "This has been a hole in our commercial portfolio and we are excited to re-enter the market moving all the way up to Class 6."

The trucks will now represent GVWs from 15,000 pounds in Class 4 to 22,900 pounds in Class 6. Read more about the Chevrolet's 2019 ...

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09 May 2018

By Lauren Fletcher