Classic beauty: Kendall Jenner's unknown passion for vintage cars

Los Angeles (CNN)When Kendall Jenner isn't shooting campaigns for the world's top fashion houses, or filming "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" with her famous family, she can often be found cruising the roads of Los Angeles in one of her classic cars. In recent years, collecting them has morphed into what she calls "a weird addiction."

"Some people get addicted to tattoos, I'm addicted to cars," Jenner told CNN Style show host Derek Blasberg during a ride in her 1965 Mustang. "If I love it, I love it. If I walk in and it really gets to me, I'm like okay, I need that car."
Jenner -- a professed tomboy -- became interested in motors from an early age, starting with dirt bikes and four-wheelers before graduating to cars.
"It's also kind of an LA thing to love cars, because all you want to do is drive when you're younger," added Jenner, who was born and raised in the car-centric city.
For the latest episode of the CNN Style show, she visited RM Sotheby's LA showroom to discover some of California's finest classic cars.

Watch the video to find out more about Kendall Jenner's love of cars.

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04 Apr 2020

By Los Angeles (CNN)