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Girl Who Survived Texting And Driving Once Runs Out Of Luck 2nd Time Around

by Charles Roberts on

This girl was involved in a horrible crash after texting and driving. Miraculously she survived -- and she didn't kill anyone. Guess what happened exactly one year later.... Read full article

ATTENTION DRIVERS: Peachtree Road to get major makeover

by Craig Lucie on

Peachtree Road to get major makeover... Read full article

Volvo Goes Electric: Is This the Beginning of the End for Gas-Powered Cars?

by Keith Johnson on

Volvo Goes Electric: Is This the Beginning of the End for Gas-Powered Cars?... Read full article

10 Most Recalled Car Brands

by Jason Unrau on

In recent years, recalls have become a common occurrence across most car manufacturers. ... Read full article

Rental Car Brands Avis And Hertz Shift Gears To Self-Driving

by David Kaplan on

Avis has been rapidly ramping its connected car and shared mobility offerings.... Read full article


by Jim Ellis Chevrolet on

High temperatures mean extra care for your vehicle. Here are some tips we recommend to beat the heat:... Read full article

Women at the wheel

by Deloitte. on

Recruiting, retaining, and advancing women in the global automotive industry... Read full article

The millennials are coming

by Diana T. Kurylko on

Slow to recover from recession, but fast becoming a major buyer segment... Read full article

18-wheeler reaches speeds of 100 mph while being chased by police on Texas highway

by ABC News Videos on

Terrifying police chase pursuing an 18-wheeler that ends up hitting six vehicles before becoming engulfed in flames.... Read full article