Dare To Be Diesel: WelderUp’s 4×4 1968 Dodge Charger

WelderUp owner Steve Darnell was rummaging around with his friend Steve Peterson at his Peterson Boys salvage yard when they came across an abandoned project. It was a 1968 Charger, one of the most iconic muscle cars of all time. Still, that hadn’t stopped the previous owner from hacking up the wheel openings and cutting away swaths of the roof to add T-tops. Nevertheless, something did stop the previous owner before those removable roof sections ever came to be. The dented and cut up Charger spoke to Steve, “There was another Charger there that was a little more complete, but the fender flares and t-tops added character.” Steve thought about the possible directions the build could go, and a restoration was never an option. “I would have to replace every quarter panel and the roof skin. What part of the car would really be left?” Rather than replace virtually ever panel using aftermarket sheetmetal, Steve brought the car to his Las Vegas shop where he and his WelderUp crew spent five weeks turning the former 383-powered car into a ground-pounding diesel 4×4. See all 120 photos of WelderUp’s 4×4 1968 Dodge Charger...

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28 Dec 2017

By Brandan Gillogly