Every BMW Will Offer Battery Power by 2020

Every vehicle BMW sells will include an electrified variant come 2020, but the company doesn't expect those battery-electric, plug-in hybrid, and hybrid drivetrains to account for much more than 20 percent of its sales volumes through 2025. In that year, company officials in Munich say, they anticipate the introduction of useful hydrogen fuel-cell cars in its product portfolio, probably starting with BMW's larger, more luxurious models.

BMW Group CEO Harald Krüger says there is no conflict between this electrification of drivetrain technology and BMW's reputation for exceptional chassis dynamics and enjoyable driving experiences, citing the quick acceleration electric motors can deliver as an element of "sheer driving pleasure." Nor, said development chief Klaus Fröhlich, does the simultaneous push to advanced autonomous driving systems rule out tuning the car to make driving enjoyable. "It's not fun to drive in heavy traffic. It's not fun to be in a dense area and try to find parking," he said. "These autonomous abilities will be an option for the driver to choose, not the only mode. Our drivers will always have a choice, and our architectures can do both. It's not rocket science. It's not so difficult." Read more about the Every BMW Will Offer...

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20 Mar 2018