Female Uber drivers earn $1.24 per hour less than men: study

Men who drive for Uber earn roughly 7 percent more per hour than women, according to a new study that examined over a million Uber drivers. Women were found to earn $1.24 per hour less than men, and also $130 less per week on average, in part because they tend to drive fewer hours.

The study, which was released today, was a collaboration between the University of Chicago, Stanford University, and Uber’s own economic team. Researchers examined earnings data from over 1.8 million drivers, of which roughly 27 percent were women.

The results are surprising, given that Uber has long argued that its algorithms that determine how much drivers earn are supposed to be blind to things like race, gender, and sexuality. The technology, however, did not take into account differences in driver behavior, which can vary between men and women. Read more about the Female Uber drivers...

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13 Feb 2018

By Andrew J. Hawkins