Garage Door Repairs and Maintenance

Garage doors lead pretty simple lives. Up, down, up, down, over and over until they suddenly don't work the way they should. Fortunately, that simple life usually makes for relatively simple repairs. Sometimes, though, even reliable old garage doors bite the dust.

If you are having trouble with your garage door, here are some tips on what to do.

Quick Garage Door Fixes

When your garage door starts acting up, more often than not it is telling you it's time to do a bit of maintenance. So, before hitting the panic button, try these simple repairs. First, examine the rollers and tracks. If you can't remember the last time you cleaned them (and they look the part!), give them a good brushing and then add some lubricant. Next, perform these simple garage door maintenance tasks.

If none of this fixes your problems, or if you would rather just let someone else fuss with the problem, take a look at How To Find the Best Garage Door Installers and Repairmen.

Silencing a Noisy Garage Door

Noisy garage doors cause all kinds problems, especially for anyone who has to sleep above or next to the garage. Fortunately, most noisy garage door problems can be fixed with a combination of routine maintenance and the replacement of a few parts. For more information on the latter, see How To Quiet a Noisy Garage Door. Read more...

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05 Jun 2018

By Jeff Beneke