He said/she said: 2016 Mazda MX-5

The Miata, now officially called the MX-5 has been—and still is—one of my favorite cars. Numerous awards, updates and design changes and this little car just keeps getting better.

Lacey Elliott: Years ago, I think the most common phrase to describe this car was cute. 25 years and four generations later, Mazda has, in my opinion, really hit the nail on the head. The rounded front fenders are gone and the LED headlights now look like they are squinting. They appear to be looking ahead to pounce on anything in the MX-5’s path. Mazda’s Kodo design has transformed this car and it looks substantially different than Miatas of the past.  I was always attracted to this tiny car because it was so darn cute, but no more. It is still petite, but now it turns heads because it is an aggressive looking little sports car.

Dan Heyman: I don’t know if Mazda had some premonition that Pokémon Go was going to be as big a thing as it has been, but I know I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw a mini MX-5 peeking out from behind my couch on my Phone screen. Actually, I would be, but that’s only because I don’t play the game.

Still, though; unlike what Lacey said, I think those narrow headlights and smiling grille opening actually lean a little more to the cute side than previous, when the massive grille opening looked more like something from a boardwalk side show. Read more...

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