Here's Your First Look at the Hardcore Ferrari 488 Pista

Official-looking pictures of a hardcore Ferrari 488 surfaced on the Ferrari Chat forum this morning, giving us a first look at the car set to replace the 458 Speciale. The car looks identical to the one teased in a video uploaded to Facebook by the company last week, so we think this is the real deal.

What Ferrari still hasn't revealed are any specifications for the top-tier 488, which some are calling the 488 "Pista," which translates to "race track" in Italian. A leaked powerpoint presentation for the car that surfaced back in January said it would be getting a Challenge-derived engine capable of more than 700 horsepower, along with a bunch of upgraded aerodynamics. Judging by the pictures, we'd say the latter is correct. There are air channels, wings, and tunnels everywhere, as well as a huge splitter, big lip spoiler, and diffuser.

The interior is pure 488, with added alcantara and visible carbon fiber. A "488 Pista" badge can be seen mounted on the right side of the dash. Read more about the Here's Your First Look at the Hardcore Ferrari 488 Pista...

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09 May 2018