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Atlanta City Council OKs restrictions on dockless, shareable e-scooters, bikes

by Sean Keenan on

Bicycling leader calls for immediate implementation of safer infrastructure amidst e-vehicle explosion.... Read full article

The 20 Late-Model Cars Most Likely to Be Stolen, According to Insurance Claim Data


Powerful, big-engined vehicles top the list compiled by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.... Read full article

School Bus Passing Law: Georgia Legislature passes school bus safety bill


School Bus Passing Law: Georgia Legislature passes school bus safety bill... Read full article

Snow-covered Car - Idiot!!

by Ross McGuinnes on

Motorist stopped by police for driving with tiny snow peephole in car windscreen... Read full article

One dead following wreck on Ga. 316 at Sugarloaf Parkway

by Isabel Hughes on

One dead following wreck on Ga. 316 at Sugarloaf Parkway... Read full article

Towing after an accident – you should involve your insurance company

by Chad Catacchio on

You’ve been in an accident that will require your car to be towed. You’ve called the police and they are on their way to the scene.... Read full article

What You Need to Know in the Aftermath of an Auto Accident

by LegalShield on

In the critical minutes after an auto accident, adrenaline is pumping and everything moves quickly. While the physical safety of everyone involved should be the first priority.... Read full article

‘Get a mount, get used to it’: How to prep for hands-free driving law

by Tyler Estep on

News 95.5/AM750 WSB, Channel 2 Action News and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution hosted a roundtable discussion Tuesday night on Georgia's new hands-free driving law, which goes into effect July 1.... Read full article

How will the new texting while driving law be enforced, and what are your rights?


It’s been called a texting ban, but the new law impacting Iowa drivers and their phones goes beyond just texting.... Read full article

Vehicle Accidents – How Insurance Companies Assess Fault


In almost all car accidents, it is important to prove who was responsible. While it may seem obvious who was at fault, just saying so isn’t enough for insurance companies.... Read full article