Is Nissan Partnering With Mercedes on a New Z? Depends Who You Ask

The Nissan 370Z has soldiered on mostly unchanged since 2009, with no definite plans for a replacement. Now, we've just come across an interesting rumor from Japan that gives us some hope for a new Z. Japanese site Response (via Japanese Nostalgic Car) reports that Nissan is working on a next-generation Z with the help of Mercedes-Benz.

It's an intriguing rumor, but before we delve deeper, Japanese Nostalgic Car's Ben Hsu says we should take the news with a "blizzard-warning load of salt." That said, there are plenty of reasons why a Nissan-Mercedes partnership would make sense in a vehicle like this.

The two automakers have already worked together on the Mercedes GLA-based Infiniti QX30 and the Nissan Navarra-based Mercedes X-Class pickup. Nissan collaborating on a sports-car project would take a page out of Toyota's playbook—recall the partnership with Subaru on the 86/BRZ, and with BMW on the upcoming Supra/Z4. Sales volumes are low when it comes to sports cars like the 370Z and Supra, so automakers are incentivized to share development costs wherever possible. Partnerships are a great way to do so. Read more about the Is Nissan Partnering With Mercedes...

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09 May 2018