Jay Leno Helped Kendall Jenner Buy This Immaculate ‘56 Corvette

Last night on Jay Leno’s Garage, our favorite denim-ensconced host pitted old school against new school. We see a C1 up against the C7 Grand Sport, a Galaxie 7-liter versus a new NASCAR Ford Fusion, and a Tesla Model S opposing the original vision for autonomous driving, GM’s 1956 all-titanium Firebird II. We talked to Jay Leno’s Garage producers to bring you some tales from shooting the episode, things that you didn’t see on TV. Below, the most interesting stories from behind the camera.

Joey Logano couldn’t resist going 100+ mph in a ‘63 Galaxie, even after producers warned him not to.

The first film sees Leno bringing a ‘66 Ford 7-liter to Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California to meet up with NASCAR’s youngest driver, Joey Logano. “We wanted Joey to test a piece of racing history,” a producer tells The Drive. “We were able to get Leonard Wood, a NASCAR legend, to bring us a 1963 Galaxie that’s a replica of the car that won the Daytona 500 in ‘63. It’s a four-speed with no power steering or power brakes and about 425 horsepower. We gave Joey the car and told him don’t go faster than 50 or so, because the tires are 50 years old and there’s no safety equipment in the car. I emphasized it over and over, but when we’re out on the track, we just know he’s going to roast it. Sure enough, he flies by us, doing more than 100, a plume of burning oil smoke in his wake. That’s just Joey’s competitive spirit,” the producer laughs. “Later, Joey told me he wanted to go even faster.” Read more...

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23 Jun 2019

By Sean Evans