Land Rover Discovery SVX Is Dead?!

Land Rover confirmed that the Discovery SVX concept will not reach production, at least not with the planned V-8 powertrain. Land Rover spokesperson Maria Rodriguez did say, "We are investigating opportunities to bring Land Rover vehicles with enhanced all-terrain capability to market in the future."

Things don't seem to be running so smoothly at Jaguar Land Rover's Special Operations Division. Last month, the sub-brand said that it would not be going aheadwith the Range Rover SV coupe, which it had planned to produce in a limited series of 999 cars. Now, according to fresh reports from U.K. media, it is also reconsidering the Discovery SVX, which was meant to combine the brand's familiar supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 with an extra-tough version of the family hauler.

Now the U.K.'s Autocar says that the V-8–powered Discovery won't happen but that the brand is still planning to use the SVX brand later on. We suspect that a large part of the problem is likely the advancing age of the V-8 engine itself, which is getting close to retirement. Land Rover actually announced the first vehicle to be powered by its new hybridized six-cylinder engine yesterday, a U.K. version of the Range Rover Sport, with this powerplant set to be rolled quickly through the company's range. While the new engine can't match the firepower of the supercharged V-8, which makes 395 horsepower against the SVX's proposed 518 horsepower, we expect more powerful versions to follow. We also know that JLR has previously discussed the idea of using BMW's twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8. Read more about Land Rover Discovery SVX...

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26 Feb 2019

By Mike Duff