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Texting While Driving Permitted!?!! Where?

by Dylan Baddour on

Why Houston and Texas allow texting while driving... Really?... Read full article

Girl Who Survived Texting And Driving Once Runs Out Of Luck 2nd Time Around

by Charles Roberts on

This girl was involved in a horrible crash after texting and driving. Miraculously she survived -- and she didn't kill anyone. Guess what happened exactly one year later.... Read full article

Road rage earns him black eye, charges

by Adam Duvernay on

New Yorker's road rage earns him black eye, charges... Read full article

She put her kids in a plastic wagon — then towed them with her car through traffic, police say


An Oregon woman is facing criminal child endangerment charges after witnesses say she tried to show her kids a “good time” in an extremely dangerous way, police told local media outlets.... Read full article

Is Uber Legal?


The red carpet has been rolled back on the ride-share service.... Read full article

Hwy 316 Crash Today

by Natalie Fultz on

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - One person is dead and 17 others were injured in a fiery crash on Georgia Highway 316 Monday afternoon. The 8-vehicle crash shut down all eastbound lanes of traffic.... Read full article

A biker gang hacked and stole 150 Jeeps worth $4.5 million


A biker gang hacked and stole 150 Jeeps worth $4.5 million... Read full article

Cop lets stoned driver go, she drives into river and dies

by Jackie Salo on

Dashcam footage of a traffic stop involving a woman who later died when her car went into the Missouri River has been released.... Read full article

Man charged with driving over hoses at Brookhaven fire


A 48-year-old man is accused of DUI and driving over fire hoses.... Read full article

Millennial Drivers Are the Most Reckless Behind the Wheel. It’s Official.

by Hayley Fitzpatrick on

Millennials are known for many things — their obsession with social media, their propensity for taking selfies — and yes, even their poor driving skills.... Read full article