Lightning Strikes Twice

Supposedly the old saying about lightning not striking the same place twice is nothing more than an incorrect saying. Lightning has no memory or feelings or intellect of any kind so it’s just gonna hit wherever and whenever the hell it feels like it. Maybe I shouldn’t feel so intellectually superior to those people I see on TV that calmly state how they’ve been it three of four times by lightning. Extremely bad luck, extremely stupid, or maybe they just like being hit and I’m looking at it all wrong. All I know is that I’ve got no interest in finding out much about lightning on a personal level unless it involves either a BSA Lightning or a Buell Lightning. I admit I’m more partial to the Buell version than to Birmingham’s finest, but then I appreciate bikes that would rather run than poop out because of lack of necessary lightning like the fine BSA electrics by Joey Lucas. There's more...

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08 Sep 2016

By Peter LaFrance