Maserati brings the drama with the 2017 Quattroporte

PALERMO, ITALY – If an English-language car company — say, Cadillac, Lincoln or Jaguar — labelled their range-topping flagship simply ‘Four Door,’ it wouldn’t really imply the status such a car would deserve.

In Italian, however, it sounds suitably impressive.

Hence, Maserati Quattroporte (kwa-trow-POR-tay), a label which has adorned the Italian company’s big sedan for six generations now — starting in 1963.

The 2017 edition is now on sale, starting at $122,680.

It’s really a face-and-tail lift of the previous car; the sheet metal stays the same.

Revised grilles (differing slightly, depending on trim level), air scoops, fascias, and front and rear and taillights highlight the exterior changes, designed to give the car a more commanding and sportier presence.

Maserati uses the word ‘squalo’ — Italian for shark — to describe that new nose.

Maserati has stayed with hydraulically assisted power steering rather than the increasingly common electrical assist, in pursuit of superior road feel.

The oily bits stay pretty much the same, too. Two mechanical configurations are available in Canada: the SQ 4, a twin-turbo direct injection 404 horsepower, 3.0 litre, 60-degree V6 is offered only with full-time, four-wheel drive in Canada (Rest of World gets a rear-drive V6 option); and the GTS, with a 523 horse, 3.8 litre V8, also twin-turbo direct injection, available only in rear-wheel drive, because apparently running front-wheel drive shafts around the V8 was more effort than the small potential sales results would justify. Read more...

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10 Jan 2017

By Jim Kenzie