Mclaren 650S Spider – The pursuit of perfection

I have been waiting a few years to get my hands on a McLaren 650S spider and Tuesday this past week was the day I finally got behind the wheel.

It was worth the wait.

I will say from the off that I am a huge admirer of the McLaren Group. As a Formula 1 enthusiast I have watched the McLaren F1 team achieve many victories and world titles. McLarens foray into the automotive world began with the legendary three seater supercar—the F1—in 1993, which I saw for the first time at the Petersen Museum in LA this past March, and again it was worth the wait.

McLaren reintroduced themselves to the automotive world in 2011, this time as fully fledged manufacturer. It has been impressive to watch McLaren produce an array of spectacular supercars in five short years; the 12C, 12C spider; 650S, 650S spider, 675, 540, 570S, 570GT and the flagship of McLaren, the mighty P1 hypercar. So I was a rather eager bunny to get my paws on the McLaren 650S spider. Read more...

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08 Jan 2017

By Jason Grunsell