Police officer killed during traffic stop by impaired driver on Christmas Eve

A police officer in Kentucky was killed by a driver allegedly under the influence while she was conducting a traffic stop on Christmas Eve.

Detective Deidre Mengedoht, 32, pulled over a pickup truck in Louisville and was subsequently hit by a different semi-truck.

"The semi pushed the police car into the truck she had stopped," Louisville police chief Steve Conrad said in a news conference Monday.

"There were four people in the pickup truck. None of them were seriously injured. Unfortunately the detective's car caught fire. The damage to her vehicle was catastrophic," Conrad said.

Conrad said that Mengedoht, who has a young son, had been on the police force for more than seven years.

"Deidre -- DeeDee, as she was known to her friends and colleagues -- gave her life serving the community which is something she loved to do. Those who knew DeeDee would tell you that in her 32 years of life, and her seven and a half years with the police department, she always went above and beyond of what was asked of her or required of her," Conrad said on Monday. Read the full story of police officer killed during traffic stop...

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26 Dec 2018