Quality Auto Body Repair Costs-An Explanation

It goes without saying that quality does cost more. This does not mean that a quality repair cannot vary in price. So, what price is the right choice? Higher? Lower? Midrange? It’s confusing for most consumers and to make it even more confusing, none of these are the right answer. Price does not make for a good repair choice. There are many factors that can come into play when pricing out your repair costs. There are options that should be presented and explained to you as the vehicle owner whether you are paying for the repairs yourself, a third party is paying for your damages or your insurance company is paying.

Parts. If you are paying for you own repairs you may want to consider parts replacement options of either recycled (a used part or LKQ – like Kind & Quality) or a high quality Certified Aftermarket replacement part in place of brand new factory Original Equipment Manufacturer parts (OEM). If available, these options can turn into large savings for you & many times are a good choice in many applications. Talk with your repair shop rep about these options & about where & how they can be applied to your repair cost. Keep in mind that not all areas of repair will be an option for anything less than new OEM parts due to safety & appearance. Used of aftermarket parts should never be considered for parts replacement for air bags, seat belts, crash sensors, or other many other safety related items. All these parts have storage & handling procedures that must be followed from the time the part is made until it is installed. Read more about the Quality Auto Body Repair...

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21 May 2018