Review: Mitsubishi Outlander redeems itself on Florida road trip

Reports of Mitsubishi Canada’s death are an exaggeration.

You may have heard some of them. Despite a banner year for the industry, Mitsubishi sales were down in Canada by 5.8 per cent in 2015. Their vehicles don’t perform well in comparison tests. Pundits say the company is bound to lose interest in our market eventually. Head office in embroiled in a scandal over falsifying fuel economy tests.

The fuel economy fudging is a bad situation, of course. But for what it’s worth, the only models affected aren’t sold on this continent.

As for the company’s vehicles in Canada? This merits a closer look.

Well, it’s true that the company’s product hasn’t always met the warmest of receptions. Take the 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander, for example, which kicked off a new generation with the most recent model year.

In last October’s TestFest, the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada’s annual testing event that leads to the Canadian Car and Utility Vehicle of the Year awards, the new Outlander scored second-lowest in its category and in the bottom five across all of the gasoline-powered SUVs that were entered.

Even while knowing this, I signed my family up to spend some time in it. A lot of time. We drove an Outlander ES with three-mode all-wheel drive, which Mitsubishi dubs all-wheel control, to Florida and back for March Break.

As news of this filtered out, friends and colleagues expressed sympathy and derision. You’re driving that, all that way?! You poor things! I responded by saying every car deserves a fair and impartial evaluation while my husband and I secretly felt a tiny bit sorry for ourselves. Read more...

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15 Jan 2017

By Stephanie Wallcraft