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Road rage suspected in Gwinnett County homicide

by Aiyana Cristal, CBS46 Reporter on

Road rage suspected in Gwinnett County homicide... Read full article

Road Rage Undermining Highway Safety -- Can't We All Just Get Along?

by Jim Gorzelany on

Here’s yet another reason why self-driving cars can’t get here soon enough.... Read full article

High-Speed Motorcycle vs. Car Road Rage Battle Caught On Tape

by Nina Golgowski on

The fast and furious idiots were filmed weaving in and out of lanes and driving on the wrong side of the road.... Read full article

Horrifying Video Shows Road-Rage Machete Attacker Slash Driver’s Face

by Nina Golgowski on

Police said the man followed the victim home.... Read full article

Road Rage Experience Leads to Examination of Society

by Aimee L. Baror on

I had a road rage experience a few weeks ago that’s had me pondering how people become so angry and who is raising them to be so hostile, entitled, and disrespectful.... Read full article

Road Rage Video Shows Driver Crushing Veteran’s Motorcycle With His Car

by Nina Golgowski on

“I thought the guy was trying to kill us, obviously,” the injured biker said.... Read full article

Thoughts Everyone Has While Driving

by Abby Heugel on

Most adults have some experience with driving a motorized vehicle, and whether you’re a road rager or a calm commuter, you’ve probably had a few of the same thoughts while navigating the roads.... Read full article

Grandparents, grandson shot at in road rage incident

by on

CANTON, Ga. - The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office is looking for the person who opened fire on a car during a road rage incident.... Read full article